The need in nature may differ from day to day, person to person. But the knowledge that you are always well equipped remains. Proven under Swedish conditions for decades, our Camp-A-Box® is the Original that can be trusted. Camp-A-Box® Original meets all your needs and comes in three versions, all with a compact and practical design.



Fully equipped. Includes a plate with lid, Fold-A-Cup® Big, Fold-A-Cup®, Cuttingboard, Shaker and Spork.

The Camp-A-Box® Complete is BPA-Free

Weight: 265g/9,6oz
Size: 19x13x5cm/7,5x5,1/1,97in
Material: PP, PA&6, TPE


Limited content to what is needed for a light meal. Includes a plate with lid, Fold-A-Cup® and Spork.

The Camp-A-Box® Light is BPA-Free

Weight: 150g/4,8oz
Size: 19x13x5cm/7,5x5,1/1,97in
Material: PP, PA6, TPE


Fits perfect if you just want to pack some sandwiches in the box and have a cup to drink. Includes a plate with lid and a Fold-A-Cup®.

The Camp-a-box® Basic is BPA-Free

Weight: 140g/4,7oz
Size: 19x13x5cm/7,5x5,1/1,97in
Material: PP, TPE

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