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You can find our product in over 20 countries. In stores, different sport events , company branding and on the webb. We are glad to be a part of your adventures. The first Fold-A-Cup® crossed the Atlantic for more than 40 years ago.  We are amazed every time we can come along on a trail running event some where in the world and we love going on tur.  We hope you will keep letting us explore the outdoors with you.

An idea in a cup

The original Fold-A-Cup®

It started with an idea for the perfect product. Now more than 40 years later The Original Fold-A-Cup® is a classic, found all around the world. Designed for what’s really needed. Appreciated for its simplicity. 

With a tried and tested folding design this small cup is ideal for saving space in your pack while providing a handy solution for drinking. It can hold up to 250 ml but is just 3 cm when folded. Simple, effective and renowned the world over.

As green as we can be

Show me what you're made of

Since 2017 Wildo Green gives you the advantage of our lightweight quality products but from more sustainable raw materials. An easy choice to make.  

Our Products are made to last, for a long time. We put our heart in choosing materials and making our designs work for it’s demanding expectations in the outdoors .

The history about compact eating

Wildo has its roots in the Swedish Allemansrätt or in English the All mans right. A tradition where every person has the privilege to enjoy the outdoors. Being surrounded by forests, lakes, and land has instilled in us a love for the great outdoors and a constant desire for adventure.

 Our Journey started back in 1979 when we decide it was time to improve the conditions for  our outdoor community. We needed products that was easy and functional  to use, pack and store. They needed to be durable in rough conditions, light enough to carry with you and  appreciated so highly that they would be used time and time again. This was of the essence when the koncept of our compact eating utensil was formed.

As inventor with a passion for sustainability, crossed paths with a former captain in the Swedish Army,  a product line, contrary to the buy and throw away era, started to grow.  They understood the feeling of being on the move and appreciated the  requirement and demands placed on product used in this outdoor conditions. Together they introduced a new age of tableware and accessories to the outdoor world. 

When the well-respected designer Tom Dixon, at the turn of the millennium, collected products that made an impression on the world in the book Rethink, the Fold-A-Cup was represented as a reminder of the importance of function in design.

Shortly thereafter, Svensk Form’s opinion committee state an artist protection for the Fold-A-Cup, which means that it is classified as a work of art and receives design protection from replication. A great confirmation that even the small innovations can leave a big impression.

What was important for us 40 years ago is just as important for us today. Producing gears that are durable and makes it possible to be in the outdoors in a sustainable way. Some products are beloved classics that have been around since the beginning, others are new to our product portfolio. Some times the challenge is to immerse and evaluate new forthcoming materials. You can sure fallow our development of our GreenLine, as we move forward in finding a perfect match between material, usage and form. 

We always let our innovations take a bit of time, so when we have developed a product that we believe can last. In 2021 we released OCYs, our Outdoor cutlery set. A small masterpiece if you ask us, as it is as simple as there can bee, it is still portable and diversed, lightweight and a part of our GreenLine .

A family company

A company that runs for generations is usually in no hurry. It’s about relationships with colleagues, customers and pride in the product. We’re in it for the long run.