Plastic is a fantastic material, it is durable, malleable and comes in all the worlds colors. It is also a collective term for different chemical mixtures where depending on what you put in is not always so environmentally friendly. We believe we have found the balance between sustainable and sustainable, maximum amount of biomaterial without compromising on the products life span. 


made to last

Being on the move makes different demands than everyday life at home. You need to think a head as all you depend on is your knowledge and what you can carry with you. 

By understanding the outdoor person’s need for compromise, as each thing you bring is weighed against its use, we always strive to develop products where design follows function. When every nook and gram is carefully balanced, all layers of unnecessary luxury are stripped away, and the challenge of keeping it simple and effective is put to a test. 


Early in our product development we start to look at the choice of material as our product is often tested in harsh environments. The products needs to comply with statutory regulations,  be impact resistant, light weighted, easy to keep clean and durable to use over and over again. Well-known and food safe material such as PP, TPE and HD-PE are the base in our production. We test them by usage and by lab tests, as we want quality you can rely on.

With established suppliers we can get a constancy in our material with an understanding of the challenges posed and still the curiosity and knowledge of what is next to come.

As close as possible 

When production started in a small scale some 40 years ago an important idea was and have been since then to keep the manufacturing in the local surroundings.  Today we produce our products,  packeting, moulds and marketing material in and around our home town of Borås, Sweden. We have seen that working with fantastic suppliers in our vicinity makes our job both more fun and easier. Over a cup of coffee we create an understanding and take on new challenges together. With close longterm collaborations we work for high standers regarding quality and material, as well as respect for the human and environmental resources.
When others may outsource and move production we believe that this investment gives back to us and our community. Working and developing close up with great people makes Wildo to an awesome team of people. With support from our community, we have become what we are today. This is what makes us keep the heart in our production Our products is made to last. For a long time. We hope that our products are used again and again and again.  The great thing about an appreciated product is that every time it is used, the climate footprint gets a little bit smaller. We believe this is one of the corner stones in our products.

A little bit greener

Sines 2016 we have worked to find alternatives to the fossil raw material without letting the end result of a good product be compromised. There have been some basic requirements that our products must meet in order for us to see it as possible. Durable and User-friendly – because only if the product is really used has it fulfilled its purpose. Recyclable – as in the end we will need to fill up with what we already have. Circular systems is increasingly important. Fulfilling the obligations in the EU regulation1935/2004 and 10/2011, based on requirements of content, as well as influence by taste and aroma.

We always choose materials with care. And we let it take a bit off time to be sure that the quality meets the standers. In 2017, we managed to make our classic Fold-A-Cup in a 50% plant based TPE. Today, all our original Fold-A-Cups consists of that material. At the same time, we developed an alternative to our usual PP and HD-PE products in 78% plant based TPO and 98% plant based HD-PE— our green series. At the time it was forward-looking and daring because we did not know how it would be met. It has turned out that it was an investment worth making. And we have you to thank for that. We have had to wait a bit for the future to catch up. But the development is fast and during 23/24 we are taking the next step to implement our green idea to more products. We do it as always without compromising on quality, as we know that use is central to getting a sustainable product.

What is greenline

The products in the Wildo Green Line can be divided into four groups. The material chosen for each product is determined by its use and design. Common to the first three is that they are extracted from sugarcanes plants. The sugarcane is fermented to ethanol. Their molecules are then converted into polymers with the physical and chemical properties of polyethylene (PE). To provide materials based on a more widened use the plant-based PE is mixed with conventional materials. Our fourth material is for the greater part extracted of castor beans. The castor bean is transformed to sebacic acid, rebuilt to a bio-based Polyamide (PA). Polyamide is strong material and has good heat resistant. The sugarcanes and castor bean plants can produce well in relatively poor soil conditions. The raw material suppliers certify that they don’t compete with the food chain.


Our ambition is to a find a balanced material that, based on each product’s optimally intended use, as green as possible using as much renewable resource we can and with a long life cycle. In the end of the life circle all four material is recyclable as standard plastic.

Among the Wildo Green Line materials you find Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), which is more flexible than just PE and therefore used in our Fold-A-Cup. This enables folding function and durability, which means that the Fold-A-Cup is quality assured as always. In this family, thermoplastic olefins (TPO) have been developed, a material enabling more rigid products such as Wildo Green bowls, plates and lids. The Explorer bottle consists mostly of High density Polyethylene (HD-PE) . It has a soft feel, transparent and is lightweight. The OCYs is instead made of plant-based Polyamide (PA) material, as it is strong and has good heat resistant which fits this cutlery set use prefect.

green 1


50% Plant based material from Sugar canes 



green 2


70% Plant based material from Castor Beans



green 3

Kåsa Bowl, Camper Plate, Camp-A-Box, Bottom and Lid in colors Azure, Raspberry & Sugarcane

78% Plant based material from Sugar canes 



green 4

Explorer Bottle

78% Plant based material from Sugar canes