The Wildo Mesh Kits include carefully selected products to provide you with an selection of products for cooking and eating outdoors. Picnic on the beach, the wilderness fishing trip of a lifetime or a hike in the mountains. The Wildo Mesh Kits can handle it all!

The kits are all delivered in mesh bags with a carabiner for ease of storage and transport.

Explorer Kit

In the Wildo® Explorer Kit you will find a selection of our products either to choose from or to bring all together, depending on the extent of your trip.

The Explorer Kit includes:
Camper Plate Deep, Camper Plate Flat, Kåsa XL, Kåsa Bowl, Fold-A-Cup, Spork.

The Explorer Kit is BPA-Free.

Weight: 355 g/12.5 oz
Material: PP, TPE

Adventurer Kit

The Wildo® Adventurer Kit contains a range of specially selected cups and bowls in a variety of sizes and styles, together with the popular Wildo Spork that helps you save space.

The Adventurer Kit includes:
Kåsa XL, Kåsa Bowl, Fold-A-Cup®, Spork

The Adventurer Kit is BPA-Free

Weight: 165 g/9 oz
Material: PP, TPE

Pathfinder Kit

The Wildo® Pathfinder Kit includes all the utensils you need for a simple meal outdoors: fine dining in the best surroundings.

The Pathfinder Kit includes:
Camper Plate Deep, Fold-A-Cup¨, Spork

The Pathfinder Kit is BPA-Free

Weight: 130 g/4.5 oz
Material: PP, TPE

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