Fire Flash Pro small

The feeling of reaching a campsite can only be out challenged by the greatness of a perfect fire. Favouring your odds to get that fire going quick and easy. Fire-Flash Pro is designed to work in tough situations. The friction between rod and steel creates generous amounts of sparks. Just press the rod against your stoff and drag the striker harshly against it. Fire-Flash® Pro is an effective fire steel that will create a spark, no matter the weather conditions.

The Fire-Flash Pro Small

The Fire-Flash Pro has ergonomically profile handels for both steal and striker, giving it a god grip. A slightly longer cord makes it easier to get the right angle when striking. Draw the striker neatly towards the the steel to keep it in place.

Dark grey
Light blue


Weight: 35g / 1.23 oz
Size: 11.1×2.8×2.1 cm / 4.37×1.10×0.83 in
Polyamide (PA) / Ferrocerium / stainless steel 

  • Ergonomic handles
  • Long blade for optimized striker
  • FireFlash Pro Small up to 3000-strikes
  • Paracord string
  • Exposed of water wipe off and use as normal
  • Made in Borås, Sweden